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Lake Como 2017 Reviews

  • The Lake Como school provides “a serene atmosphere and plenty of time to process new skills. I had the time and space to make significant changes based on discoveries allowed.”
  • “Dongo is a beautiful village, very easy to explore and navigate,” and “a wonderful location to take time out of our busy routines, and spend time studying the Alexander Technique, music, and singing.”
  • “Kathryn’s two-week program allowed me to focus on my singing and how the Alexander Technique can facilitate [both] my singing and my life.”
  • “I pushed through a lot of uncomfortable feelings and my insecurities. I enjoyed being with great musicians whom I would not have met in an acting class. The amount of Alexander work was awesome.”
  • “I am grateful for Terry and Kathryn’s support and patience. As a team [they] are wonderful to work with; both are warm and inviting and their knowledge of the craft and repertoire is deep and wide. They have a great way of cultivating a relaxed but immersive learning environment. I am ready to come back again next year!”

VoiceCamp 2016 Reviews

It is clear that every single aspect of this VoiceCamp was extremely well thought out with regard to how it would help you work on your voice.  From the ambience of the location to the way the schedule was designed to the type of people she put together for exercises with each other.  By the end of your experience you will find more than just your best voice.  You will find a calm and confidence that you can bring with you into any situation.

Anthony Rinaldi

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Wonderful teaching, coaching and Alexander Technique training. I can’t wait to come back again next year. I’ve made so much progress as an acting singer.

Vivian Holfeld

It was my second time at camp. I got even more out of it this time. Really progressed at freeing areas of tension and letting the acting lead me through the song. All this in the most beautiful setting imaginable.

Marvin Lewis

This was an amazing experience. (A bit overwhelming, but in a good way–it feels like it would take weeks to process everything.) I liked the staggered schedule which gave some down time to let things percolate and to enjoy the scenery/town. I only wish maybe it was a little longer– personally it took me a few (2) days to relax into the flow of things and I felt I got more benefit once that happened, so I wished for more time after that.

Allison Deratzian

VoiceCamp has been one of the most wonderful weeks of my life. Situated on the most glorious lake, Brewster campus sets the stage to spend all day singing. Kathryn can pinpoint exactly where you are falling back into bad habits even when you think you are covering it up. She never lets you get past a rough patch of music without making sure you understand how to use your voice to its best ability. The balance of working with Terry is incredible. Terry is an incredible accompanist and coach who focuses on finding the meaning in what you are saying. I would live every week in this oasis of nature and coaching. I have loved every minute of it. Thank you both! And Felicia!

Alexa Soriano

Lake Como 2016 Reviews

This is my second year working with Kathryn and Terry in Lake Como, and I have seen major growth in my technique and confidence. Having concentrated and consecutive Alexander Technique and Vocal lessons every day for a week really helped me create a habit of these amazing techniques that I was trying to adopt. As a singer, musician and professional, I grew leaps and bounds. Through voice lessons and masterclass, Kathryn has helped me to reorganize my vocal technique so I’m not only using my voice in a much healthier way, but a much stronger way. By the end of the week, my voice was doing things and resonating in places I didn’t even know existed. Oh, and did I mention that you do all of this while looking out at the Italian Alps and Lake Como? The setting is the most picturesque and calming in the world. It’s the perfect place to center yourself, set your goals, and feel the confidence to reach those goals.

Sara Turilli

My experience at Lake Como was more than I even thought it would be. The individual attention & lessons that I received left me with pages of notes & tons of new ideas for myself. Your masterclass really helped me dig deeper into my singing abilities & allowed me to express my interests & voice in a new way. I felt like I had the freedom & tools to express myself in the best way for my voice & sound! Overall, I felt that I was given the perfect amount of notes & attention to provide me with a good tool box to expand my skill set & to dip into whenever I need it.

Mia Porcelli

Review from the Road

Now that I am out in the professional world and have been lucky enough to be employed for a good while and implement our work, I can say that my time with you, especially the Alexander work, has been an absolutely invaluable part of my success. I believe it has been, along with some essential parts of myself, the technical reason for my success. I have been very mindful of this work, 8 shows a week, for almost 3 straight years now, and the awareness only becomes more acute as the time goes on. To be the kind of actor who knows how to play a moment up through the spine on through the top of the head, as opposed to so many who crunch down on themselves when playing a scene, separates me in a huge way from other professionals my age, and I owe all of that to you. Directors and audience can spot in a second, as I now can as well, the difference between someone who has had this training, and someone who has not. Not to mention our vocal work which has kept me, even in my absence and singing pop material, as healthy as I could be expected to be. So just a huge thank you for being…the most important teacher I have ever had; you did quite a job with me….

DNP on a national tour

Kathryn Armour Studio

New York Times review, January 22, 2015

Each cast member has improved greatly as a singer since I first saw this show at the McCarter Theater in Princeton two years ago. Yet the people onstage never call attention to their virtuosity.

—Ben Brantley

Comments from the cast of Fiasco Theater Company’s Into the Woods, presented by Roundabout Theatre Company in the Laura Pels Theater, New York City (2015):

Working on the Alexander Technique with Kathryn Armour over the last few years has had a big influence on my preparation for this role, and has helped me navigate the lengthy run of INTO THE WOODS with confidence and freedom. The way Kathryn links the physical ease of Alexander to the release needed for healthy vocal technique and acting has given me several tools, exercises, and images to use in warm ups and in the performance itself. I’m making a healthier, fuller, more grounded sound when both speaking and singing, and my body has had less wear and tear than in any other show I’ve done.

—Ben Steinfeld

The Baker

Working with Kathryn on Alexander Technique has been invaluable for my work in Into the Woods. Sondheim and Lapine have created such a beautiful, complex, and high-energy piece. The work with Kathryn has helped me to stay grounded, centered, and free while still performing with passion and vigor. Being able to free my neck, find my feet, and keep my entire instrument open and available has helped me immeasurably as I navigate the intricate and demanding vocal lines Sondheim has crafted. The work allows me to stay centered in myself while remaining open and available to my fellow performers and the audience.

—Patrick Mulryan


Studying the Alexander technique with Kathryn has helped immensely during my process for Into the Woods. It has helped me connect my breath with the ground in turn helping me to stabilize my singing. It has helped me free my neck, collarbones and jaw so that I stop interfering with the breath moving in and out and the vibrations of the sound. I feel a sense of being better connected to my spine and legs and therefore more attuned to the space I’m in – how much, or really how little effort, I need to employ for a much easier singing experience.

—Emily Young

Little Red, Rapunzel

Working with Kathryn and the Alexander Technique helps me stay present and open to possibility, so that new things can happen every show. It also helps me use all of myself. We all have physical habits of tension that can hold us back, and the Alexander Technique helps me become aware of my own and let go of them. As a singer, Kathryn’s approach has helped me access my true voice with ease and trust.

—Claire Karpen


Alexander Technique helps relieve unwanted or unnoticed tensions, helping me be more mindful of my body. That mindfulness pays great dividends in creating the multiple characters I play in WOODS.

—Andy Grotelueschen

The Cow, Stepsister